Apple is holding a December event to honor the best apps and games


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CNBC notes that Apple usually sends out an annual press release celebrating the best apps, games, TV shows, podcasts, and more. Last year saw iPhone game Donut Country, musician Drake, and the Black Panther movie, among many others, honored. This year, it appears Cupertino will be handing out awards at an actual event, marking the first time it has done so.

Whether anything new will be announced at the event is unknown, though it seems unlikely. But Apple did launch Apple Arcade in September, and some new games for the service could be revealed.

What’s not expected is any new hardware. Apple recently announced the 16-inch MacBook Pro and AirPods Pro outside of any dedicated events. The new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, meanwhile, are set for release next month, so they could get a mention.

Last week brought news that Apple, in an attempt to attract more subscribers to its services, could bundle them together. Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music might be available for a single, reduced monthly price as soon as 2020.

The Apple event starts at 4 pm EST on Monday, December 2—Cyber Monday. The company’s website doesn’t say anything about it being livestreamed, which suggests it's all very low-key.

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Wait if I remember history a bit didn't Jobs tell Carmack that gaming wasn't a valid revenue Platform for Apple and denied deep level resources to developers?
Ah I guess another point that Jobs was an *****.