Apple is still calling the iPad Pro a computer in its new ad


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Two years ago, Microsoft mocked Apple’s “iPad is a computer” claim in an ad for the Surface Pro 4. A couple of years later and Apple is keeping the same line, but with its new iPad Pro, it’s not quite as easy to argue against such a statement.

Swapping the lightning port for USB Type-C has definitely helped Apple’s cause, even though its operating system doesn’t support external storage devices. There’s also the A12X processor that’s built on the 7nm process, along with the seven-core GPU. Apple says the new iPad Pro is faster than 92 percent of mobile computers, including many Intel Core i7 processors.

The ad goes on to promote the iPad Pro’s ability to handle tasks traditionally carried out by laptops and desktops, such as photo/video editing and using it as a music studio. The device’s portability is also put forward as a major plus point.

Most reviewers are big fans of the iPad Pro and say its performance is comparable to a laptop—it certainly costs as much as some high-end models. But because of its limitations, not everyone thinks it’s an ideal laptop replacement, including this Business Insider correspondent who returned his after 24 hours.

But one thing the iPad Pro can do better than a traditional computer is fold in half.

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Can it use a mouse?


Then it is not a computer replacement, touchscreens and pens cant replace mice for things like spreadsheets. I dont understand why apple is being so stingy, it is obvious they want to sell iOS as their main OS, android has had mouse capability for years now, it would be trivial to put it in iOS.


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Ipads are content consumers. Not content producers.

If they want to make it a "computer" it needs to have a clamshell, hard keyboard and USB-C connections for printers and other USB devices.

I bought my girlfriend an Asus Transformer years ago - running Android - and with those features and a keyboard clamshell that offered a battery life extender, I was absolutely impressed.


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TL;DR version: No it is not a laptop replacement.

Long version for folks who want to read: :)DDD!)

I was so crossed that iPad still persist with iOS. I didn't want to buy it, but I did in the end - the dark side is very strong with this one. And... it is freaking awesome! As a side note I was ready to get MS StufraceBook2, but there is a lot of issues with those, especially with Wacom tablets - like M$ on purpose screwing user experience to use their pen/Windows Ink :cringeinsidejustatthethought: - and pricing is even more ridiculous than Apple iPads which is hard to comprehend.

Still even in this not optimal state iPP (waiting for UAG case and screen cover from Paperlike) is vastly superior to -by now- antiquated Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13/16. Yeah it doesn't have Winblows OS, but perform tasks way, way more better even from an avid 30 years PC user. I wasn't sure before purchase, but all doubt is gone after. Carrying around device which is 650g (say with UAG case it will be like 850g) vs MSP16 which is about 4kg. iPP keeps the charge for 10-15 hours, even more if not doing anything major. 2-3 days in standby easy-peasy. You can bunk on the couch and just draw without spine screaming in pain. MSP16 no matter how careful and gentle you are with work, if you get max 3 hours then you're lucky. With very little work and super economical battery management maybe 4.5h if it is brand new and you sacrifice color quality/brightness. Screen on iPP vs MSP it is not even a contest. Yeah MSP has 4K, but it is super shitty quality with only IIRC 94% Adobe RGB which is laughable on a product which cost metric tons of money (even for refurb). iPP screen is smaller but man, I want to make love to it. ROFLMAO

Didn't ordered keyboard folio gimmick. I have full size Logitech Craft keyboard if I want, but I don't. For drawing keyboard is very much useless. It isn't a laptop replacement. Not with an iOS. If you getting it solely to replace laptop you're doing it wrong (except some special cases like folks with disabilities and stuff, for them it is a mobile PC in a nutshell). Two biggest bummers: lack of mouse compatibility -as a laptop replacement- and external pendrive storage support is really shitty idea. Totally moronic especially for artists (no matter skill level: stickman or a new Picasso in the making). You can deal with that: software like SynciOS or services like Mega, iCloud etc, but it is pain the back side Apple!
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So long as Apple wants to maximize revenue from selling iPads and MacBooks separately, they will never make the iPad Pro a real computer replacement. They can, but they won't.
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I mean they sold their Macs as "Pro" devices too, and still do. Of course it's all just marketing hype. How else could they possibly sell these overpriced toys?