Apple Online Store begins accepting PayPal payments

Himanshu Arora

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Apple's online stores in the US and the UK have added PayPal as a payment option. Previously, PayPal transactions were only available in the iTunes Music Store, App Store, and iBookstore. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the option...

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Curious if anyone knows this.

When it comes to the big classifieds websites, in the states, you have Craigslist, here in Canada we have Kijiji, in Europe I have no idea what you guys use. When listing on kijiji, its almost a guarantee that you will get a person texting/email saying they want to buy your listed item. After you reply, they go on to say they will buy it,but are working abroad but need it shipped out-of-country for a relative for a birthday present. They also offer a generous amount to cover shipping expenses and always offer to pay with paypal. Most of us know this as a scam but they still find the odd victim.

Here is the question: if these scammers are using hacked paypal accounts, why not simply target large chains of electronic stores such as apple, bestbuy or anyone that accepts paypal? Why do they go through the hassle of trying to convince a person to ship an item and then scam them when they can get brand new items without the hassle?