Apple patent would let callers know if you're too busy to chat

Shawn Knight

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application that outlines a method in which a caller could check the status of another iPhone user’s handset before placing a call to determine whether it's a good...

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Cool feature. Now all I need to know is where I will have to go in the iOS settings to disable it.


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If their status says busy you can still call and leave a message. I don't see why that would change.

I like this idea. Some people don't check their voicemail that often, so if you really want to talk to someone, you can use the status check.


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Patent... you kidding me this cant be possible android already has this and has had it for ages now, brb gonna patent giving birth and breathing so I can earn cash from people giving birth and breathing.


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Maybe they can implement a $20 fine for calling, if the person they are calling has a status of "Driving". lol


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Soo... if Apple can't win by making a better phone then they will win by legal battles with their opponents. They're really starting to sink lately...

Guest could just turn on auto-reply on your Android phone? That way if they text you, my phone will magically let the sender know if I'm too busy to chat!*nerd*