Apple TV refreshed with 1080p support, streamlined UI


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Apple has officially announced a refreshed version of its Apple TV set-top box with support for 1080p video streaming -- with 1080p movies and TV shows downloads simultaneously debuting on…

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"..that Apple introduced today with the iPad 3.."

So where is the news about this part of the event?? I was hoping by now there will be a full coverage of the event and instead just a quick note as if EVERYBODY was there and knows EXACTLY what has happen on the event so why bother to write anything else.. Really!


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oh great, while many of us are trying to get passed the great archaic 1080p bottle-neck, apple is only now supporting it. we're still years away from true HD aren't we? :(


TS Forces Special
So you are using a TV at home with a higher resolution than 1920x1080?

It is going to be a long time before any TV, whether it be cable, OTA, satellite, or internet, is going to be broadcast in higher than 1080p. So I'm not sure why Apple making a device smaller than your fist that supports 1080 'finally' has your panties in a bunch. Even if it supported 2400x1600 or something else real big, is your TV going to accept it?