Apple unveils iPhone X, its most expensive smartphone ever

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Sep 12, 2017
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  1. During its first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Apple unveiled today their latest smartphone officially known as iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). The handset, which will share retail space alongside the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, is the most expensive Apple mobile device ever created.

    It starts with the display – a 5.8-inch, OLED Super Retina Display sporting a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels (458 pixels per inch). Available in space grey and silver, it features the same glass front and rear coating as found on the other new iPhones and is brought together by a polished stainless steel band around the edges.

    Although it does have a larger display, the iPhone X is significantly smaller than the iPhone 7 / 8 Plus -- and barely larger than the standard iPhone 7 / 8 -- a comparison photo can be seen further down below on this story. The iPhone X measures 5.65 inches x 2.79 inches x 0.30 inches and weighs 174 grams, or 6.14 ounces (versus 202 grams / 7.13 ounces on the 8 Plus).

    The iPhone X extends the display to the far edges of the device, eliminating the traditional Home button. In its place, Apple is using a handful of tricks and gimmicks like Face ID. As the name suggests, Face ID uses facial recognition technology for authentication purposes. It replaces Touch ID, the venerable fingerprint reader Apple introduced on the iPhone 5S, and is said to be far more secure.

    According to Apple, there is a one in 50,000 chance that someone can unlock your Touch ID-protected device but only a one in a million chance of doing so with Face ID. Interestingly enough, Apple mentioned that it might be a good idea to use a passcode if you have a sibling with a similar genetic make-up (a twin).

    Face ID uses Apple’s new TrueDepth camera system and a neural engine to work its magic. Apple says it can adapt to face changes over time (if you grow a beard, for example), works day and night (low-light environments) and is difficult to spoof. As you’d expect, it’s also compatible with third-party apps like 1Password, Mint and E*Trade with many more to come. One of the advantages of Apple's ecosystem and its strong developer support.

    Notably, Craig Federighi’s first attempt to use Face ID in the live demo failed. Ouch.

    In the absence of the Home button, an iPhone X user simply needs to swipe up from the bottom of the screen within any app to get back “home.” Similarly, one can swipe up and pause mid-swipe to access the multi-tasking menu and swipe down from the status bar area (top-right of the screen) to access the control center. To activate Siri, simply speak to the device as you normally would or press and hold a button on the side of the phone.

    Elsewhere, the iPhone X shares much of the same specifications as the iPhone 8 series. It’s powered by the same Apple A11 Bionic processor, is dust and water resistant, utilizes Qi wireless charging technology, and offers dual 12-megapixel rear-facing cameras (f/1.8 aperture wide-angle and f/2.4 aperture telephoto, both with image stabilization).

    The rear camera can record 4K video at up to 60 fps or 1080p slow-motion video at up to 240 fps. The front-facing camera, now called the TrueDepth camera, is a 7-megapixel shooter that supports both Portrait mode and the new Portrait Lighting (beta) feature as well as Apple’s Animojis.

    With Animojis (animated emojis), users can tap into the TrueDepth camera to analyze more than 50 different muscle movements and mirror those into one of 12 different emoji in real-time. Emojis aren’t really my thing but this feature did seem to work seamlessly during the demo and will likely find a huge following.

    Given its larger screen and newfound facial recognition features, one would expect the iPhone X to be a bit more power hungry than its predecessors (and it is). Fortunately, this shouldn’t be an issue as Apple says the device lasts up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7 with up to 12 hours of Internet use, 13 hours of video playback, 21 hours of talk time and 60 hours of audio playback on a single charge. It’s also fast-charge capable and can receive a 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes.

    The iPhone X will be offered in capacities of 64GB and 256GB (no 512GB model yet as per rumors) at a starting price of $999.

    Pre-orders open October 27 with the first shipments scheduled to arrive on November 3.

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  2. ghostf1re

    ghostf1re TS Booster Posts: 199   +87

    All things everyone already knew.
  3. theruck

    theruck TS Booster Posts: 134   +37

    Most expensive smartphone ever? come on. this is fake news :)
  4. gusticles41

    gusticles41 TS Maniac Posts: 250   +227

    "It's", Apple's most expensive phone ever. Accurate.
  5. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,278

    A one in a million chance of someone else unlocking your phone with face ID, but secure it with a passcode nonetheless??? What am I missing here???
  6. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,278

    Didn't they do a limited run of one of their models in some exotic (or *****ic) material costing incomprehensible no's a while back? I seem to remember them doing something like that but I'm not sure, and quite frankly, neither am I interested.
  7. Kenrick

    Kenrick TS Evangelist Posts: 625   +402

    Awesome. Gonna sell my cows and goats to have this. This will be a nice upgrade to my 6plus.
  8. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,675   +1,220

    Moore's Law says over time, prices should fall. Until the market saturates, Demand is whatever the community is willing to pay. Apple may well hit the ceiling on this one, and fail just like the Ford Edsel did in the late '50s - - people will SAY they want features - - up to the point where it's time to write the check and then the ceiling falls in on the marketing department.
  9. SalaSSin

    SalaSSin TS Booster Posts: 152   +61

    Where's bigtruck dude to say he will immediately buy it?
    Damn, starting to miss that fella :)
    Capaill likes this.
  10. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 TS Booster Posts: 195   +48

    *If* you have a twin...
  11. namesrejected

    namesrejected TS Guru Posts: 398   +301

    I think you have Moore's Law confused with something else entirely....
  12. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,675   +1,220

    As the density of transistors doubles, the prices get halved by the improvements in manufacturing - - inverse corollary
    Arris likes this.
  13. dirtyferret

    dirtyferret TS Guru Posts: 395   +416

    Don't worry about the price, people are already paying $100 a month on their cell phone bills even though there are plans out there that would fit them for $30-50 per month. AT&T, Verizon, and the rest of them will lease these phones to customers for 2-3 year periods because there are plenty of people who would rather be caught using the communal tooth brush at a leper colony then be caught on an Android phone. With paid for reviews from the NY Times and Cnet (Apple can do no wrong and makes the bestest & fastest stuff out there) they will rush out to get these guys.
  14. Vulcanproject

    Vulcanproject TS Guru Posts: 294   +269

    $1000? Ahaha
    SirChocula likes this.
  15. FordGT40

    FordGT40 TS Rookie

    jobeard Are you serious, you think the Edsel was a Ford? <Laughing> Edsel Ford was not related to the Henry Ford's or Ford Motor company. Thanks for the laugh!!!
    namesrejected likes this.
  16. J spot

    J spot TS Addict Posts: 177   +102

    I know so many people who would love to get this point for no other reason than it's "The most expensive smart phone ever."

    In fact, if the commercials made the point of saying things like, "Introducing the most expensive smart phone ever," and nothing else that would sell it to a lot of people.
    namesrejected likes this.
  17. namesrejected

    namesrejected TS Guru Posts: 398   +301

    Intel must not have been informed about this. Moores Law has nothing to do with pricing. Yes, as manufacturing processes impove so do yields, and products become cheaper. Moorse Law doesn't state that ever though.
  18. sasat

    sasat TS Member

    So basically it's the same old Phone with Samsung's screen for 1k+
  19. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 2,025   +1,477

    I wouldn't pay $1 for a phone with a frame covering up the top of the screen.
  20. ChrisH1

    ChrisH1 TS Booster Posts: 97   +52

    You're missing that they "mentioned that it might be a good idea to use a passcode ****>IF you have a sibling with a similar genetic make-up (a twin) <*****"
  21. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,409   +724

    None of what they call "Features" are really "features"
    Super Retina...unless you have super vision, you won't notice it
    No home "button"...other manufacturers ditched that long ago, not "new"
    The "build"...every smartphone is a rectangular slab of metal, plastic and glass.
    Face ID...can't wait for that to be SLOW, and HACKED
    Animogi...LMAO the NEW boss, same as the OLD boss
    Portrait mode...YEAH!!! more selfies!!! LOL
    A11 chipset....WOW! BENCHMARK dreamers!!! Nothing like having a 700HP engine, and you are stuck going 30mph
    Battery Life...LOL, battery savers make it seem like you get longer battery life. Good luck with the OLED sucking it up
    Wireless Charging...nothing like being LATE to the party, and, NOT even having YOUR OWN CHARGER stand ready.

    So, to sum it up, the "iconic" new iphone, is nothing more than last years model, with racing stripes, and a HIGHER price.

    But...not my money. Want to waste it on a "fashion icon symbol", feel free.
    GreenNova343, Reehahs and Arris like this.
  22. hqxt1964

    hqxt1964 TS Member Posts: 52   +17

    Is apple mad?Or does apple think its buyer is crazy?
    ay01zen and davislane1 like this.
  23. Phr3d

    Phr3d TS Guru Posts: 404   +85

    I believe you were looking for:
    non-functional ram-air intakes (!)
    p51d007 likes this.
  24. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Grand Inquisitor Posts: 4,983   +3,989

    Chances are the smug, euphoric character of peoples' face ID photos when they buy the phone will be unrecognizable several weeks later when they realize they've been bamboozled and are rendered hapless to express anything other than the expression of someone who over-paid for an under-performing prostitute in an uppity part of town.

    TL;DR: It's Apple. You expect a $1,000 iPhone to work correctly out of the box?
    p51d007 and Skidmarksdeluxe like this.
  25. Humza

    Humza TS Addict Posts: 114   +79

    Oh! Now I owe my friend a lunch because it's got FaceID and not TouchID below the touchscreen as he bet on. Rumors were there but I was still hopeful :p

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