Apple will repair faulty logic boards on 2018 MacBook Airs free of charge

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Apple has reportedly identified an issue with “a very small number” of 2018 MacBook Air models affecting the device’s main logic board. According to internal repair documents viewed by 9to5Mac, repair staff have been instructed to replace the main logic board on affected devices free of charge.

Affected systems can reportedly be covered for up to four years after the original purchase.

Apple will reportedly be e-mailing customers based on serial numbers; others believed to be impacted by the issue can take their system to an Apple Store or authorized repair center for diagnosis.

The issue hasn’t cropped up on Apple’s Exchange and Repair Extension Programs website where it typically lists recalls and other service programs. Given the reportedly narrow scope of the issue, it’s plausible that Apple may not publicly announce a repair or recall program.

This is at least the third issue Apple has dealt with in recent weeks. In mid-June, Apple launched a voluntary recall for older MacBook Pros due to the risk of its battery overheating. Apple also issued a backlight service program and a keyboard service program for select MacBooks in May.

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"Affected systems can reportedly be covered for up to four years after the original purchase."

Apple only gives you 1 year, which can be extended to 3yrs max for more $. This gives you (up to) 4 years standard for this specific problem.