Apple's upcoming trade-in program will accept rival smartphones in exchange for iPhones

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Mar 17, 2015
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    In an apparent effort to boost in-store iPhone sales, Apple CEO Tim Cook is spearheading a trade-in program that’ll reward shoppers with gift cards to put towards the purchase of a new smartphone.

    Sources familiar with the matter tell 9to5Mac that the unannounced recycling and trade-in program will notably accept both Android and BlackBerry devices. Trade-in value will reportedly be determined on the spot by Apple retail store employees based on the device, its condition and functional status.

    The program is expected to get under way in the coming weeks which will give Apple enough time to train its retail employees. Said training programs will begin later this week, we’re told. The only other detail we’re privy to is that Apple employees will be able to transfer address book contacts from other phones to a new iPhone. Everything else, however, will have to be moved manually by the customer.

    apple android iphones google iphone smartphone cell phone handset mobile phone trade-in phone trade-in program

    The upcoming program is not to be confused with Apple’s iPhone Reuse and Recycle program. That one kicked off in mid-2013 in an effort to encourage existing iPhone users to trade in their older model handsets for something newer which, at the time, consisted of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

    Although convenient for shoppers, such trade-in programs are rarely the best way to go if you’re after top dollar for a used phone. Amazon, for example, offers instant quotes online and even covers the cost of shipping. But above all else, you’re likely to get the greatest return by either selling locally to someone you know, using Craigslist (be careful) or trying eBay.

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  2. p51d007

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    Yep, turn in your one year old Samsung, HTC etc...that costs 500-800 dollars and we'll give you a shiny new $50.00 gift card! WHAT a deal!
    Only good thing is most likely, Apple will properly dispose of these, or give them to an organization that will reuse these for military, battered womens shelters and the like, of course taking a tax write off. ;)
  3. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Nice. Trade in your old Android or old Blackberry phone and receive two new iPhones free per trade in... Nah. Even with an offer like that I'll still stick with Android thanks. Apple makes me sick.
  4. Why?

    Why would anybody buy into a closed architecture with a company like Apple? This company is proud of the fact that it has billions of dollars stashed away that they don't need to spend. They don't need to spend it, because morons still keep paying ridiculously inflated prices to them for ripped off hardware and software. When was the last time Apple didn't steal somebody else's ideas and pass them off as their own I wonder (1970s perhaps?) to make money, whilst having the cheek to overcharge by huge percentages for computers made from the same things as every other computer manufacturer's hardware (I.e. intel or AMD chip, Nvidia or ATI graphics card).

    Even the Apple watch isn't their idea!!! Even the 'unique' interface is a copy!

    p.s. before anybody argues that Apple invented the iPod or iPhone, go and read about the ACTUAL origins of both devices (bought from other companies whom Apple then forced through years of legal proceedings forcing the said companies to eventually have to declare bankruptcy because they'd just been squished by Apple's lawyer's fat arses.
  5. Doubt it! Apple's environmental record is atrocious. That is if you read a scientist or reputable journalist's word on this instead of the hype that Apple peddles as truth.

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