Applics fail to fully shut down

By drpeppercan
Mar 23, 2007
  1. Some applications do not really shut down after I exit/quit from them, although visually they look as if though they did close, I know they didn't as they still show in the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager. "Ending their processes" from that tab solves the problem. However, when attempting to run them they just show again in the Processes tab but they don't fully load into Windows, so there's no way to interact with them. Sometimes although they do show in the Processes tab, they still don't show in the Applications tab.
    I have already reinstalled this applics (Palm Desktop Manager & Firefox) without changing this.

    I have had this computer for about 16 months and this is the 1st time this happens.

    Unfortunately when it comes to reinstalling WinXP I can only do it by reinstalling with the restoration CDs of the PC. I guess eventually I'll have to buy XP separately, but for now that is not an option : (

    Specs: Windows XP Media Center Ed Ver 2002 w/Serv Pack2, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ 1.79 Ghz, 1Gb ram

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance : )

  2. drpeppercan

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    Mmm... I guess this one is tougher than I thought :(

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