asus 9600 pro vid card freezes while playing a game

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Sep 23, 2005
  1. I have an asus 9600 pro vid card and if i play a game any game my computer will freeze or my monitor will read input not supported or it will just re start. I have go on to to find new drivers for it and installed a few but the problem persists. i have an idea that the vpu is at fault because if i catch the freeze fast enought i can push ctrl+alt+del and the window key to exit to desktop and there is an error message that says my VPU has crashed and it w3as not able to recover and i must restart or the VPU has shut down. i can usually get about a min. or 2 of game time and this happins. is this a commin problem and how do i fix it????? :confused:
  2. zephead

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    let's see some detailed specs of your pc. generally, problems like yours are caused by either an insufficient psu or some PC component overheating, nemaly the graphics card. you should try running the system with the side panel off to greatly lower the component temperatures.
  3. joked u 2

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    Reply to "need more info"

    Hi, sry it took so long, i v been gone hunting. I have An Asus mother bord p4v8x-x 256mb ram 1.7ghz intel the vido card in an ausu ati 9600pro 128mb ddr agp8X. I can get evan more specs if you need them. i also have a 350w psu and 5 chassis fans a fan on the cpu and a fan on the vid card.

    THX much
  4. zephead

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    that psu doesn't sound like much, but your problems may lie elsewhere...

    try running the machien with the side panel off and see if the problem persists.

    find, download, and install your motherboard's latest driver and bios updates.
  5. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 128

    reply to zephead

    I'v downloaded the lateest vid card drivers but you say to get the drivers on my motherbord?? I will try that i will also try taking off the side pannels. The problem has also happined when i have had my computer of for sevral hours then turn it on and play a game it still freezes. Could it be a problem that would be covered in warrentry? I haven't had it for more than a yer.

    THX for helping i really apprichate it!!
  6. joked u 2

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    added info

    should i get a bigger psu? I got a new error massage the other day. I was typeing in word and it froze for about a munite. made some wierd colors and came back in a crappy scren res. & color. The message said that the video driver has crashed and you need to restart your computer to fully restore it.

  7. zephead

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    definitely sounds like a graphics problem. what are your bios settings for this agp card? it is possible that your card is bad, or is not recieving sufficient power. if you have any way of monitoring PSU voltages (multimeter, onboard sensors listed in the BIOS, or a program from the mfg), what are the readings for each rail? i've seen plenty of glitchy or otherwise faulty systems where the PSU was at fault.
  8. ModiFiyd

    ModiFiyd TS Rookie

    same here!!!

    i have a sapphire 9600 pro 256 and i have the same problem. its been working great all this time and now the samething howdy said. i have a MSI K8T NEO-V sempron 2500+ with 512 ram and a 580 psu and the side's are never on the heat is not a problem for me. i have a nidec beta v ta450dc case fan aswell. please help! i have a friggan geforce 4 mx 4000 in here atm.
  9. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    have you got the latest drivers installed?
  10. ModiFiyd

    ModiFiyd TS Rookie

    yea i do. i have tryed all the set's from 5.9 and up.soft mod drivers and dhzer0point drivers to.
  11. Sharkfood

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    Actually, a fairly common problem with this configuration.

    This mainboard has the VIA chipset, so it's important to get the latest 4-in-1 drivers from Direct link to the latest Hyperion Drivers:

    You should also have the latest BIOS from for your mainboard flashed/installed.

    After this, the things you can do:
    1) Reduce AGP speed to 4x in SMARTGART from the ATI drivers or your BIOS.
    2) Disable FastWrites in SMARTGART in the drivers, or your BIOS.
    3) Disable VPU Recovery in the ATI Drivers.

    As you've been trying different drivers, I'd also highly recommend getting Driver Cleaner Pro at You run this in Safe Mode as Adminstrator with the network/broadband disconnected right before installing new ATI drivers. The ATI uninstallers do not always get all traces or registry entries clean!

    If these above do not solve your problem, hit ATI's site or Guru3d and look for the "Older Drivers" and see if you can find the 5.2 drivers. These solve the problem in a great number of P4V8X chipset mainboards.

    memtest86 is also recommended as this can find any possible memory issues or misconfigurations easily. If it can get through a few passes of this test, it adds assurance that your memory is compatible with your mainboard. Let me tell you though- these PM800 chipsets are very, very finicky about what memory you run and their settings!

    Good luck!
  12. ModiFiyd

    ModiFiyd TS Rookie

    lol yea only problem is i have put the ati into my other mobo, P4 2.26 384 ram 400 watt psu and it runs choppy as all getout on a clean install.its a 4x agp slot
    it never ran like this before, this is the original pc that the card was in i pulled it after i upgraded, never had a problem with it. the mobo is a m922-lu via chipset to.
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