Asus A8N-SLI bios update

By peabody
Jan 23, 2010
  1. I have the original bios version that shipped with the motherboard and I'm going to try to update it to v. 1805. I just wanted to see if anyone with more experience with this would mind giving me detailed instructions on how to. I have general ideas on how to do it but I wouldn't mind having an step by step list : ).
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    while not a hard process... it can be dangerous to flash you BIOS version and you run the risk of turning your computer into a nice paperweight.

    first off... what is the biggest reason you are looking to update your BIOS version? any problems can probably be solved by other means unless you have proof that you need to flash the cmos. the safest way to flash to a new BIOS version is to use a utility such as awdflash.exe (Award Flash) in command prompt before the computer boots windows. there are ways to flash the BIOS within windows, but it's typically more reliable to perform the operation in command prompt.

    for the actual process... you will need the BIOS file (usually a .bin file), and flash utility like awdflash, and a bootable CDROM, USB drive or floppy disk if you have that. i like using FLASHCD to make bootable disks in which both the BIOS file(s) and tools are copied to. basically, you boot from the CDROM and run the flash utility from the prompt. from there you should just need to input the file you want to flash to the CMOS (and if you are using a flash drive or floppy you can make a backup of the original just in case). if all goes well after the file is flashed, remove the media and restart the computer. done.

    you should be able to find a more in-depth guide by searching around for A8N-specific stuff... if you need it. good luck...
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    don't use the asus online bios upgrade utility!!!

    don't use the asus online bios upgrade utility!!!
    I think they called it "live update utility."

    When you do this well, it goes fine. but it can be challenging to just find a straightforward instruction. Since I have updated BIOS on a couple Asus boards, I have made my own notes. I will post them here, below.

    I agree that there is not necessariliy a need to update. Better to let sleeping dogs lie. I myself was looking at some compatability issues, such as getting mb to be able to use a newer CPU.

    I myself have decided to upgrade BIOS to next-to-most-recent version unless I need most-recent version specifically.

    There are two key, crucial steps that are not obvious: first, back up all data files! However you want to back them up. Just in case you mess everything up. next: when bios is done updating, you need to follow instructions to re-set the cmos!

    and a third: you will need to determine the bios name for the a8n-sli bios, regardless of version. it wants a file of some specific name - you will need to rename the bios file to the correct name. this info is in the mb manual.

    **I have no idea what your computer literacy level is. I myself and great at getting into difficulties, then figuring it out in the long run - an hour, a few days. Largely by expereince and hunting around enthusiast websites including techspot. If you need help, you may need to go to a computer repair place in your neighborhood. I have no way to totally coach a beginner in a brief note. I remember the days of "DOS, and remember working in DOS - many ppl today are not familiar with DOS commands such as cd/a:**


    Get desired BIOS

    [mb websites should have info on each bios, as bios adds ability to handle things such as recent cpu etc.]

    Figure out correcnt name – [sometimes, will not yet be correct name, but will have a download name, or be zipped.]

    Put this correctly named bios on a floppy with AWDFLASH.exe
    Make note of this name somewhere, since you will have to type it out soon…
    Have a windows boot disc.

    Shut down computer.

    Restart computer with boot disc in floppy drive.

    You should get dos prompt. Get to a:
    1. It sez
    2. You enter a:
    3. You hit return.
    It should now have

    at this a: prompt, type

    and hit ‘return’ button (same as ‘enter’ button.)

    it will ask for the file name of the bios you want. Enter that name.
    for example

    hit enter.

    Some things will happen.
    Do NOT select option to “save” old bios.
    A long time of flashing will occur…

    When bios is done updating, DO NOT CONTINUE; turn the computer OFF definitively—
    Pull power cord, let computer sit for a minute.
    --some people say that capacitors will hold power for 5-10 minutes,
    enabling computer to hold the old bios.
    Clear CMOS. This may be essential to avoiding a confusing episode!!
    People believe CMOS battery power can be used to sustain the former bios!!
    CMOS can be cleared by either pulling CMOS battery
    (a battery that usually looks like watch battery)
    Or pull the jumper that ‘clears’ the CMOS: manual would be needed to pull the jumper.
    I find it easier to pul a jumper than to remove a battery.

    So pull plug AND pull CMOS juper or batt.
    Press on/off button a few times. This is a superstitious behavior that is believed to clear any residual power out of the mb capacitors.

    Now, wait a while.
    Get a refreshment.


    If you have restarted because you have changed processor,
    anticipate seeing an “error” message about “CMOS error:”—
    If you see this, it is GREAT!!
    --this means that the computer has figured out that the CMOS settings do NOT match your comp-
    Because the CPU has changed!
    It will act appropriately.

    Done. Test.

    here are my notes-to-self---
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