ASUS Easy Update 2

By Rob Robitaille ยท 6 replies
Jan 13, 2018
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  1. Hello, Every time I open my PC I have a window openning after a while showing :
    Easy update 2 . Can anyone tell me is this important or if not how can I stop this
    P.S it is my first connection on this site....hope I did it correctly, thanks
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  3. Rob Robitaille

    Rob Robitaille TS Member Topic Starter

    I have a w8 and since the beginning I see this window update 2 bios opening one time 5mins after I open my pc
    Id like to thank you for your fast support but I need to quit now ill be back in a day or two thanks again
  4. holdum323

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  5. Cycloid Torus

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  6. Rob Robitaille

    Rob Robitaille TS Member Topic Starter

    Hi..! Remember me ? First I d like to thank s both of you for answered to my question about Asus Easy update 2 . I realy appreciate.
    By looking on web sites you gave me with links, now I understand many things that I did not before. It is very clear for me that without your help , I would still be with my problem.
    I was not only capable of opening the files into documents with this program , now I can.
    This has been a very good experience for me.
    I need to get more knowledge with my PC and with a help like I just get from you and this site (techspot forum) I know it will be mutch easyer for me to get through that
    I will keep an eye on techspot for more informations.
    Thank s again

    Have a very nice day all of you
  7. holdum323

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    Hi Thanks for your reply. You just made my day!

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