ASUS K8N / A9250 Video Problem

By Mp3beach
Dec 17, 2006
  1. I have an 800MHz PC running 98SE that plays Mpeg2 DVDs fine. I built it in 2000. I have an 1800Mhz PC running XP with an ASUS K8N motherboard and Sepron 1800Mhz CPU and the ASUS Radeon A9250 AGP 258MB Graphics Card. It plays Mpeg1 files fine. When I start an Mpeg2 file it freezes after 10 seconds of play and either returns a VDU failed to respond message or it just shuts down and has to be rebooted. I've contacted ASUS support (LOL) who refered me to ATI who told me to download the newest driver. I did and it made no difference. It's driving me crazy! I can play an mpeg1 clip and if I convert it to mpeg2 with Ulead's MovieFactory 3 or AVS Video Convertor the file is pretty much unsable on the PC. I can burn the mpeg2 to a DVD and it plays fine on either the older PC or a desktop DVD player... but try to play it on the newer PC and down she goes. I've also gone from Media Player 10 back to Media Player 9 but that made no difference either. I'm about to the point of getting another video card. Any suggestions or comments are welcome... also, any VGA card recommendations for Video use? I'm not a gammer so those don't matter to me.

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    The only suggestion I can offer is the following:

    Ensure that whatever system you have is compatible with that video card. If you have a standard system that was made by one of the common proprietary manufacturers, you can get a hardware compatibility list with whatever video cards were tested with that motherboard.

    Make sure to inspect every possible conflict using Device Manager.

    Is your memory generic or name brand?

    I bought a Geoforce 7300 GS with an NVidia engine recently for a Dell Optiplex for about $60 and it was a dream card. Exceptional quality!

    Make sure your system with the problem also has the latest Macromedia Flash Player.
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    I built both of my PCs. Both have ASUS motherboards. The video card in question is an ATI card branded and sold by ASUS. The newest motherboard, being used with the ASUS video card, was sold with an already installed and tested Sempron 3200 CPU. The 512MB ram was sold as ASUS approved memory by Neither ASUS or ATI Support indicated there's a problem with the board combination. There are no conflicts indicated in the Device Manager and the only time the video shuts down is on an mpeg2 encoded file. It works fine on mpeg1 encoded files, avi, etc. I think the video card must be defective. Amazon has agreed to a refund including shipping so I guess I'll try something else. I've been fighting with it for over a month. The only other video cards I have are at the age that the XP drivers aren't available (or never were). If I had another card I'd troubleshoot that way. Guess I'll have to spend money to continue troubleshooting it. By the way... ATI and ASUS Support leave a LOT to be desired...
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