Asus m2n4 SLI bios problem

By pcaceit
Dec 1, 2009
  1. Greetings people

    Please Can Someone with with MB ASUS M2N4 SLI perform a test for me and let me know the result?

    socket: AM2,AM2+,AM3
    At least Two or more CD/DVD Drives
    Latest Bios update: 1205 (beta) or previous non beta.

    1) Configure bios to boot CD/DVD first
    2) place a bootable CD/DVD Disc in second Drive on the List in the CD/DVD section of bios.
    3) Restart system and observe activity indicators on both CD/DVD Drives during startup.

    4) Confirm Following:
    (a) Bios fails to boot the bootable disc in second drive in the boot order
    (b) Bios fails to check any other drive other than the first drive (no activity on the the second drive at system startup).

    Reason: I am loosing patience with ASUS tech support they are unbelievable..

    Thanks people.

    regards pcaceit
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