Asus MeMO Pad 7 Review: Intel and Android for $150

By Scorpus · 12 replies
Aug 4, 2014
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  1. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    Wow this product is quite similar to my little 4200 Slate Plus which also has a little basic quad core (Tegra 3, not as nice as this Atom but still decent, Tegra 3 might be a better gamer though) 1280 X 800 and 1GB RAM. I paid $120 shipped for my tablet 3 months ago and that was $20 more then I wanted to spend.

    It's great for games, movies and ok for basic browsing. The camera sucks and the speakers are usable at best (thank god for headphones) but overall very similar to this unit. And just like this Asus It's not worth $150, maybe $90-$120.
  2. Whoa, that's awesome. And you can install Linux on it.. Might pick one up...
  3. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,666   +1,951

    In fact, this is the only thing it is good for. They should have offered it with Ubuntu Mobile pre-installed instead.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,476   +126

    My Coby Kyros 7042 with root image and my PowerCode 885 (2014) custom ROM I made for it does a lot more than these $150 tablets.. It's a shame what happen to the Coby company they gave a lot more for less. HDMI port, MicroSDHC slot, headphone jack, even a case or sleeve for your tablet. The older 7015 that came with a tablet stand along with HDMI port etc. Still cheaper than the market today for tablets.
  5. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    Oh alright then...
  6. This should be able to handle W8.1 right? Besides the small amount of RAM and storage it's practically an entry Windows device.
  7. Asus already has had the MeMO HD 7 out for several months at $150 and it has a quad core ARM CPU rather than this x86 Atom... I don't see why anyone would choose this one other than its 1080p vs 720p
  8. at0mic_Mike

    at0mic_Mike TS Member Posts: 31

    I have 2 asus transformer tablets, android and win rt. asus quality is excellent and this looks like one I'll add to my collection. I like the size, it looks like it fits in your hand. I just sold my ipad, I found it useless and quite feminine. it just paid for my new toy...
  9. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    If I ever found a need a tablet this is the kind of thing I'd buy.
  10. TheNetAvenger

    TheNetAvenger TS Rookie

    -----Lies we tell ourselves to make Android seem better than it is...

    "which can be attributed to the fact Windows is built from the ground up for the x86 architecture"

    No, in fact Windows is less built from the ground up for the x86 architecture than Android. Android starts with a x86 reference design kernel architecture. Windows (NT) is NOT an x86 kernel architecture, in fact it uses its own NT architecture that the low level HAL translates to the hardware. (It is a good design and is why Windows on ARM (WP8) or Windows on x86/x64 have great performance and less code fatigue, but they are NOT designed from the ground up for x86. )

    The Windows Store Apps (Modern) run architecturally agnostic to x86, just as an Android App should be mostly agnostic to the underlying hardware. So, WinRT based Apps are running just as far from the hardware and Android Apps on a x86 CPU.

    "Unfortunately, though, stability lets it down: the tablet refuses to run some apps and games, while others will crash or stutter at seemingly random times."

    These types of comments are normal for Android reviews and honest conversations, even on non-x86 tablets. Android is not a hallmark of stability and pushing Android with a few too many tasks or conflicting services/processes results in App and OS crashes and errors happen especially when dealing with demanding Apps that stress the Dalvik scheduler and memory manager.

    This is accepted, as Crashes and Apps failing to load are a daily occurrence with Android, on the latest and greatest 4.x builds. Android users have come to understand it is expected and how to deal with errant App behavior and the common fix of restarting the device.

    The lie is that this is NOT common on all OSes, and is especially NOT common on Windows 8.1 tablets or WP8.x devices.

    If you notice reviews like this one that have a 'comparable' Windows 8.1 Tablet to the Android tablet that is being reviewed, whether it is Asus or Dell, notice the reviews NEVER mention crashes or stability or performance issues on the Windows 8.1 tablets.

    Performance observation: Also notice that every time, the Android version of the same tablet is using a faster Atom processor. Ironically, it should be the opposite, as Windows 8.1 is running a full desktop/server class OS on these devices, and Android is very much a 'mobile' OS that gives up a lot a feature and functionality to be 'lighter'.

    I use Android tablets, but I also realize that we tell ourselves 'lies' about Android to make us feel better when our Game crashes or the browser acts up or the Camera App crashes and won't load without restarting the device.

    We 'lie' that this is normal and happens on all devices and OSes, and the truth is, that it does not happen on all devices, as stability, crashes, and issues we deal with would be seen as a disaster and highly abnormal to happen on Windows 8.1. (This is a big reason WP8 users have high customer satisfaction with their devices. Just knowing that the device and Apps will work as expected 100% of the time is worth any perceived tradeoffs to using a WP8.x phone.)
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  11. OortCloud

    OortCloud TS Addict Posts: 173   +56

    Yeah, couldn't agree more.
    I find Android has appalling performance, the stability of a blancmange, and a truly hideous UI.
    Hey ho - its google tho - so it must be good right?
  12. sawyer28

    sawyer28 TS Rookie

    This soc is better that a tegra 3. I have a nexus 2012 with tegra 3 and a memo pad, and the memo pad it's better that my nexus into game and other process.
    The battery life is also better. I think it's just right price for this tablet.
    It's a good tablet for the price.

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