ASUS N7800GT review

By Shadowrunner
Mar 27, 2006
  1. I have seen one of these monstors a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell ya, it made a thermaltake armor look like a toy. It's like those old creative sound blasters, it's gargantuan. I watched a full set of 3DMark06 benchmard tests being run, even at a rather sluggish 16fps or so, it was that smooth you would'nt believe it. The card has 2 GPUs in it and it has a chip that goes onto the mobo (forget what its called, help me out) that tell the mobo there is a video card thats about to go nuts connected to it. Sorry it's a short review, but there is only 2000 ever made and will ever be made, this was number 1875. (wee I remembered!) It is the single most expensive component that store ahs ever seen, and a few weeks ago they closed up for good. :( They're site is . That video card uses so much power, you either need a 600 watt MINIMUM to power it or use the AC pack that was supplied with it.
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