Drivers ASUS Nvidia GeForce 6600LE

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I HAVE this persistent beeping from my pc first i touht it was my graphics card because it was telling me it wasn't gettin enough voltage...and i solved that because i somehow installed 4 monitors...dunno how but now my smart doctor tells me my card's fine...if i run a game, like starcraft for example, my computer starts to beep and im positive its coming from the small integrated speaker inside my pc... its really starting to piss me off cause iit's only when i run games...if i exit the game after 5 minutes or so, the beeping stops but its just soo annyoing..its getting to the point that i want to throw my computer out my window...hints the name windows... well i am willing to take any suggestions you guys might have


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sounds like to me there might be a heat issue in the system... are you sure that you have checked the heat to make sure something is not over heating in it...try that then go from there
i will give you my stats as of right now :

but i don't think its a heat in the graphics card though

VCC: 3.28
VCORE: 1.30
AGP vddq : 1.51
FB vddq : 2.62


GPU: 34 celcius, or 93 farenheit
RAM: 29 celcius, or 84 farenheit


FAN: 3957 (x1000)

those are my stats while running msn messenger, a conversation and this forum... thanks again, i am willing to tak any suggestions as it is very annoying... I've also discovered that its when i run any type of game..whether is on the internet like on flashplayer for example, or if its on my HD like Fear, or starcraft...but its a consistent 2 tones beepping that stops about 3 to 5 minutes after i close the game...and it's getting on my nerves...


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What is your motherboard make/model and other system specs? We need to find your bios beep codes, but my guess is that your PSU is not giving enough juice. What make is your PSU and how many watts is it rated at?
okay, im new to this stuff but i can tell you some of the things i know... like:

Pentium 4
CPU: 1.7 GHZ processor
Windows XP Home
512 MBs of RAM
unfortunately i don't know what my motherboard is... :(

i have a 52x Cd reader
a cd burner
floppy drive

tehres a white thing sticking out with ummm P4M266 written on it its like metal and silverish colored...

ii have a small black thing on my motherboeard with VIA written on itl.. i think i have the box for that motherbooard too letme check:
the box says

VIA Mainboard P4MA
and also VIA VPSD
It has this too:

Pentium 4, socket 478 Integrated AGP Graphics , DDR266 SDRAM Ethernet LAN Onboard 1 AGP/ 3PCI / 1CNR
Micro ATX

that's all i can find out... i can look more if you tell me specific places tolook at... but that'sa ll i can find for now... thanks, again i will take any suggestions thrown at me... thank you
also i forgot i found the PSU things: this is what's written on it

AC Input: 115/ 230V- 8/4A 60/50Hz
DC Output: +3.3V +5V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
20A 30A 10A 0.8A 0.5A 2.0A

Total Output: 300W Max


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Looks like an "award" bios. Can you describe the beeps a little more?

Beeps while USING the computer are either an overheating issue, or your fan speeds are too slow. My guess is the second, based on the temps you posted above.

There is a good chance that your CPU fan is dying. Keep an eye on your temps until we resolve this, as I'd hate to see you cook your CPU.

In the meantime, take a look at your CPU fan. Is it caked in dust?
okay the beeps are one high pitched and one lower pitched and its only during game playing... my cpu fan was just replaced lie anout 2 months ago so its not dying.. my fan speed for the graph card was always like that so i doubt it could be that ut those are good suggestions and the fan isn't covered in dust .. the comp was recently all cleaned out ( air wise no touching of things) all cleaned up and i don't thin th eissue would be dust though cause i can hardly see any dust...
okay... now the smartdoctor is tellin me

VGA's Voltage is out of safe bound. Motherboard doesn't supply reliable 3.3 voltage. Contact with its manufaturer for help... although it has its own power supply cable or its sharing one with the cd burner which is barely used...


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That was my first thought (as you can tell from my first post in this thread), was that this was a week PSU problem. It's just that I have never heard of a bios beep for low power. Unfortunately AWARD bios' change with each mobo maker so the only way to find out exactly what your beeps are telling you is to check your manual (probably can be downloaded from the maker's website).

But as far as I know, the only AWARD beeps relating to a graphics card are when they are faulty (upon boot up). I have never run into a beep code for a video card WHILE IT IS WORKING.

It has to be either a power issue, or a heat(fan) issue. I can't think of anything else it could be. But my guess is that your PSU is in need of replacing.

Before replacing try some troubleshooting so you can rule some things out. I would

a) If you have another PSU to test, pop it in and see if you still get beeps.
b) Download and run "speedfan" or "motherboard manager" (go to the downloads section of this forum) and see what it is reporting for your temps, fan speeds (always good to have a second opinion) as well as what it is reporting for your voltages.
C) risky, but personally I would probably mess with the fan settings in the bios AS A TEST to see if that stops the beeping.
d) check for a bios update. Sometimes the problem is a faulty bios taking wacky readings.


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I just re-read this thread....

You installed a 6600LE card, and you have a 300W psu. Unless your PSU is a VERY high quality one we have found your problem. A no-name 300W psu is not enough for that graphics card. It needs some lovin'.

It is not that expensive for a high quality PSU. You're looking at about $50 for something that will power your system nicely. Look at the FSB psu's in the 350-400W range. Also be sure that the PSU you choose has at least 24amps on the 12v rail.

I'd say don't even bother with my troubleshooting list above. Pretty sure we have found your problem.
Thank you soo much i think it might fix it i'm gonna have to save up $$ as im only 16 years old...still unemployed lmao...but am tryin to find a job lol so i can make $$...hopefully... anyways thanks a lot for your help everyone oh and teh name of the psu is :

TK i guess TK.300ATX i guess... :S that's what's writen on it
I've got another problem...on this card i can have a tv hooked up to my computer but whenever i do hook it up, its not very clear and its black and white :( can you help me find out what could be wrong???
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