Asus P4P800E Deluxe won't boot w/AGP

By Savage1701
Nov 21, 2006
  1. My computer began stating that its 6600GT AGP was not getting supplemental power. I checked the molex plug and tried another one that was supplying power to the DVD drive. It did not help. I swapped video cards with a known good one. I received the same message on booting up. I swapped power supplies with a known good one. Same warning on both cards. Then I began getting overclocking error failures at post, except I don't overclock. Now the system refuses to boot at all with any card in the AGP slot. It posts and boots fine if I put in just an old PCI graphics card. If I add back the AGP card it won't even post, no matter whether the BIOS looks to PCI or AGP graphics cards first. Bottom line: For some reason I can no longer boot this cpu with an AGP card in it. I do not tweak this system in any way, and have not changed any settings since building it about a year ago. Any thoughts? Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Rik

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    Sound like the agp slot is faulty!! You may need a new mobo!!!
  3. Sharkfood

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    The supplemental power message does not sound like an Asus/mobo message but something on your videocards BIOS.

    I'm afraid from what you've provided that it sounds like your 6600 smoked your AGP slot... especially if the mainboard is yielding non-operation prior followed by the ".. failed overclocking.." message (this is the default failsafe message, which simply means the system could not post twice in a row, so it reverted to a default BIOS set).

    Do you have a non-NVIDIA AGP card you could try? It sounds to me like your current cards tried are not down-volting properly to the 1.5V or otherwise hosed. I'd see if you can get your hands on a 3rd, non-NVIDIA AGP card, then reset the CMOS (with the jumper on the mainboard) and see if you can post that way.

    Lastly, what PSU are you using? You do have the 12v 4-prong lead plugged into the mainboard as well as the main ATX connector from your earlier PSU swaps, correct?
  4. Savage1701

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking you guys are right on the money. I do have both 4-pin and 20-pin connectors to the mainboard seated correctly. This board acts like one I had once where the AGP card was not seated properly, and the P/S would come on but I would never get to post/BIOS screen, but obviously I've got bigger problems here than a loose card. I'll try clearing the CMOS and getting a non-NVIDIA AGP card. ought to be a million or so of those on Ebay. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.
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