Asus P5Q PRO/pent 4 compatibility

By megabomination
Dec 27, 2008
  1. Will a pentium 4 3.06Ghz CPU work in an ASUS P5Q PRO MOBO(LGA557 socket)if the chipset is compattable?. I am thinking of upgrading from DDR,1Gb RAM,7300GT AGP card to 9800GT PCIE card ,DDR2, 2Gb RAM and am wondering if im wasting my time with that CPU? Also would 350watt PSU be adequate or would that need upgrading also?
  2. direwolf007

    direwolf007 TS Rookie Posts: 105

    If you are already doing that upgrade, you might as well ditch the CPU for something modern like the E5200/E5300 or E7200/E7300/E7400.

    The 350W PSU might be sufficient, and might not be. Depends on the make and model of the thing. If it a random generic PSU, I wouldn't bet on it holding up under load.
  3. megabomination

    megabomination TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 153

    Thanks. Yes if i update CPU i may as well do PSU as well as mine is only a cheapy etc,,money money!
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