Asus X554L Laptop continuously prompts to restart Laptop


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Dear folks,
I have a problem with my Asus X554L Laptop which continuously prompts to restart Laptop and doesn't get to boot up the system. Is there any troubleshooting hints that I could use to help resolve the above problem?
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I'm going to guess that you are experiencing a 'boot loop' - where the laptop cannot make one of the steps in boot happen so it cycles back for a 'try this again'. There are several possible causes and some experimentation with careful note-taking may clear this up easily.

First, if you have booted up and can get to your data, MAKE A BACKUP!

Then, if you can POST, enter BIOS/system settings and turn off "restart on error" in BIOS. This will allow you to see information about the error before Win10 pushes you down the rat hole.

If the error is clearly reported, it can be addressed.

If no joy, then I would try a 'power cycle'. Remove charger and battery. Press and hold power button for 10 seconds. Then plug in charger and try. Then add battery and try.

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