AT&T explains limits for 'unlimited' data plans

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Mar 2, 2012
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  1. AT&T finally shared its stipulations for unlimited data plans Wednesday. We already knew the provider was restricting the top 5 percent of its data consumers, but this announcement marks the…

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  2. Raswan

    Raswan TS Enthusiast Posts: 279

    Everyone knows this is BS. But that's ok AT&T, because we know you're hurting after the failed merger.
  3. Butch

    Butch TS Enthusiast Posts: 112

    3GB? Jeez. What are you people doing that you need more than this on your phone? If you are using more than 3GB/mo on your phone then you should really step back and look at your life. Maybe you are missing out...
  4. vlad4861

    vlad4861 TS Rookie

    I dont have home internet, instead, Im using my cell data to tether to my laptop when I'm at home...I m not a big video gamer and don't download too much, so 2 gig is enough for me...but it's so easy to exceed it with constant browsing and one movie a week butch
  5. Captain828

    Captain828 TS Guru Posts: 287   +10

    The problem here isn't about the 3GB limit being to harsh or not, but that it applies to an unlimited data plan.

    In my view, this isn't an unlimited plan if they limit it and sounds like a very foul move against an unsuspecting customer that doesn't read the fine print.
  6. Butch

    Butch TS Enthusiast Posts: 112

    Got it. I never even considered tethering. If you are tethering then I can see where this limit would be a problem.
  7. Atleast its better than what Verizon gives you.

    Sprint FTW
  8. @butch :

    Some of us use our phones to stream movies and music. My data usage is almost 8gb/month and I barely touch my phone.
  9. killeriii

    killeriii TS Enthusiast Posts: 213   +14

    Agreed, false advertising.
  10. an unlimited plan that is capped. wait. what?
  11. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    The "unlimited" refers to data, not bandwidth.
  12. Take a step back and look at why you don't have a live maybe.
  13. Like mccartercar said. its related to data not the bandwith. They're only slowing it down, and 3gb is a lot. imagine why only 5 % are affected, and some of those are using it for tethering or watching movies. By doing this, ATT is making sure the rest vast majority are getting good speeds and are not affected.
  14. The bigger concern is what happens 2-3 years from now as online apps and interactions become more costly from a data total point? When always on tech becomes the norm? The same is true for home internet as well as cellular. They aren't dumb and would rather placate 95% of people now, knowing that they can stiff 50% later.
  15. For the people who think 3 GB is plenty, you guys do know that other people have more serious uses for their devices than watching stupid viral videos, right? For business and travel, they are immensely useful for tethering.
  16. That amount of data isn't even one full DVD ... if AT&T can't handle the increased need for data, we need to find someone who can ...
  17. Didn't someone once say that 128KB of ram was all a desktop computer would ever need? People who dismiss the thought that someone may actually need more then 3GB, obviously don't understand that some actually have a good reason. From past experience with similar matters, I'd be willing to bet that it affects more than 5% of users, also.
  18. If they cap it at 3GB of data a month, I can do with a lot cheaper plan by another carrier, bye, bye AT&T!
  19. Yep, time to switch carriers ... we need future thinking companies to give our business to. And, these companies need to concentrate on expanding the data allowed, not going backwards!
  20. The point isn't the amount. The point is that it's wrong for them to pull in a bunch of customers with "unlimited data" and change the deal afterwards.
  21. Watch an Etopia News video of Jane Foody explaining why she's using to petition AT&T to stop throttling the "unlimited" data on the cell phone plan she's paying for, at:
  22. Instead of subscribing to satellite radio in my car, I subscribe to an "unlimited" data plan and stream Internet radio through my car instead. It's higher quality, and has a better selection of music. Just streaming radio in the car each day I have already reached 3.8GB this month. And that doesn't include navigation or VOIP calls or e-mail. It's quite easy to go above 3GB. Has nothing to do with not having a life.

    If my ISP at home tried this crap, I'd drop them immediately. Unfortunately AT&T still has the best data speeds and best plans for me. :/
  23. well obviously people in the remote areas with no easy internet use their phone as their internet to play youtube or netflix etc. 3GB could be gone through on a weekend night easily.
  24. Screw AT and T. Back in July I got a letter and text stating I was tethering. I was not. I went on vacation and finally had an opportunity to use my IPHONE for what I bought it for and what they advertised it as....A SMART PHONE! You can watch Netflix, Stream music, email, connect to your home computer, use this app and on and on. Well I watched movies in the airport, movies at my relatives house with a cable hooked to was cool.

    That month I used for the first time....2.3 GIGS. All other months before always around 1.1 or less gigs. They began to send me text and letters every other day until I had enough and switched to T-Mobile. Got an HTC AMAZE with unlimited text and talk for 59 bucks and 10 gigs of data for 60 bucks which include tethering. I am tethering right now on my iPad and my HTC AMAZE is charging in my patrol car. Sorry AT and T. Rather pay someone else for what you were trying to steal from me.

    Good bye, whish I had never met you.

    Look forward to the class action lawsuit. I will sign my name on it.

  25. "The "unlimited" refers to data, not bandwidth."

    wrong.. if you are only allowed to download 3-5 gb's of data then it is a cap on data. capping ones bandwidth would be only allowing you to download at a certain speed all of the time.

    other than that ridiculousness.. broadband isp's, and cell providers are the only service companies in the world that for some reason can get away with punishing their customers for using the service in a way that the companies advertised it to be used as.

    MMO gaming companies wouldn't be able to get away with cutting you off for the rest of the month because you are enjoying their game too much. however also MMO companies tend to invest in increasing capacity when demand increases.

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