ATI AIW 9800 Pro Needs Shader V 1.1

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When my son plays Lego Star wars the game freezes and only audio plays. A message displays that we need a 'shader ver. 1.1' for our All In Wonder ATI 9800 Pro. I have downloaded the newest drivers from the Nvidia/ATI site, which looks as though they do not support the older cards anymore. Does anyone have a suggestions as to how to fix this problem? I have also removed the card and re-inserted it, and re-installed the drivers once to see if that would help. Is there an older driver set-up that would work best for me. The newest game that I am running at the moment would be 'Prey' and 'Halo' along with the Lego Starwars game.

Dell 4600 2.66 Ghz. 1 Gig Memory. 300 Gig Seagate Hard Drive. X-FI Creative Sound Card. Sony DVD/CDRW Drive. Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Windows XP.

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The Radeon 9800 supports Pixel shader 2.0... It is definitely good enough to play Lego Starwars.

I found this interesting link though, that might work around the problem:

As for the actual solution, I'm unsure. Updating your drivers and updating your game should be the first steps though. Make sure you get your drivers from here, not your computer manufacturer.. Because they are always out of date.
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