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ATI AIW 9800 tv capture problem

By beich
Jul 25, 2005
  1. I haven't been able to install the latest catalyst/ccc drivers for the last year without having problems with TV capture. All recent games run fine (fast enough for me) given the limitations of the card. But TV capture freezes after about 15 minutes in windowed mode and about one hour in fullscreen mode. MMC can not be shut down when this happens, although other programs can be run. Note that with the original drivers TV was just fine, but, of course, recent games will not run, e.g., the night vision goggles in splinter cell:ct don't work. ATI support is a joke for help puke: and I haven't found anything googling.

    I've no problems with disk space, memory use, cpu use, temperature increases or voltage fluctuations. In fact, the recent games (eg, b-i-a) stress much more. I've tried running bare bones services and background processes, playing with resolution and color depth settings. Nothing makes any difference in the right direction.

    All the latest drivers for my board are installed. XP sp2 is up to date. Event record error shows: "SRB command failed; WDM." Any suggestions? Thanks.

    asus p4s800d-e; p4 northwood 3.2; 1MB; wd 1200jb; 120 GB sata; onboard sound or audigy2;
  2. kathos696

    kathos696 TS Rookie Posts: 28

    how much ram do you have? i remember watching DVD's in school on one of their laptops and it kept restarting after about half an hour and someone said it was 'cuz it only had 128 mb ram
  3. beich

    beich TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1GB; Monitoring memory usage during capture shows about 12% Ram use and about 10% page file usage. But, I tried a program, "GameXP.exe," which turns off "unnessary" processes and services and TV capture ran much longer. I've yet to examine which of these processes might have been a problem. But, it seems unreasonable that I have to customize the statup status just to watch/record TV. I can understand the necessity for games. I should repeat, every other program, including recent games and DVD watch/dup, etc., run in my normal starup configuration without problems.

    Thanks for your reply, Bill
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