ATI Radeon 8500DV & Yamaha YST35D Drivers???

By drgrafix
Dec 13, 2005
  1. I recently had to consolidate some parts because a Soyo mobo died (caps?) and I'm trying to use the best components I have. The motherboard is a Tyan 2460 Tiger which has dual 1200 MPs and 512 MB registered memory. System seems to be running fine, and I just upgraded the BIOS to v.1.05 which fixes a bunch of problems including working with the ATI Radeon 8500DV which is a All-In-Wonder TV tuner/capture card as well.

    I downloaded the latest v.9.08 Multimedia Center drivers and installed them. When I click on the "TV" function, I get a popup saying that MMC experienced errors and to close and restart the program. Same thing happens over and over. Once last night I got the TV window to open and the video was great... but no audio. Don't think anything has changed but since then... it won't go.

    I called Yamaha today to ask for some help on the YST35D 3-piece speaker system, and it turns out they gave up the speaker business about 2 years ago... and they did not archive drivers. Can you believe that? Anyway, in my move, I must have misplaced the Yamaha installation CD but I have my manual.

    I know this is a weird combo, but when working... these speakers are pretty nice with a 30W powered sub. BTW, my sound card is a Creative Labs Soundblaster LIVE! 5.1 PCI. But if anyone has a clue on how to get this combo going, where to find Yamaha drivers, or whatever... please chime in here. I want to get the TV card working properly, and of course I want the speakers working right too. I'll thank you in advance for any/all help!!!

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