Ati Radeon 9600Xt Probs

By Denver
Nov 16, 2004
  1. HI! I bought my graphics card 4 months ago and it never gave me problems but recently i formated my hard drive and installed the latest v4.10 drivers or i think v4.11 is the latest but that doesnt matter. What the problem is that windows seems to lag, the processor usage is very high above 50% by just moving the mouse but the system is 99% idle. I installed the old v3.10 drivers but they gave the same problem of the PC slowing down extremely. I dont have sevrice pack2 or 1 for win. I do have the some what late motherboard drivers for my via mobo v4.53 or something. Please help, iam planning to give in my comp for repairs, i think it maybe a hardware prob?
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    I do not think you have a hardware problem .The fact that you are booting to Windows and running is a sign .
    You said the card was in no problem ,until the re-load.I would suggest you make sure you loaded every thing and UPDATE them all,eg controllers ,etc
    Also you said the mouse pushes the usage level high.Exactly which service or application is doing this ,that is a good indcation that it might be the culprit.
    You can also use msconfig to stop all applications from running and then one at a time start them after a test period.
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    i sent my comp in yest and they told me to instal serv pack2 and because i have a pirated version i couldnt instal it but i fixed that and have installed serv pack2 but my mouse is stil buggy and i think its the usb port but it only gives probs once the ati drivers are install but i decided to connect my logitech MX500 mouse to the PS2 port and everything works fine. Could u tell me does the Ati 4.10 drivers are they buggy because i cant get 4.11 and i have 4.9 but warhammer 40 000 runs abit laggy on my comp but my friends comps it runs fine. I dont know what to do. I formating my comp again and instaling from scratch its a b**ch!!:)
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