Drivers ATI Radeon 9800 Problems i think

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recently when playing games my graphics have been screwing up,
in one game little mulit coloured squares appear on the walls, when i exit to the desktop there are horizontal lines across it.
just playing css and the player models of the CT look like all cut up and i just experienced random big gray boxes on the map.

i have a AMD 64 3000+
128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
with the catalyst drivers,

im thinking i might need to try new gfx drivers,

i dont know much about this so can soeone please explain what i need to do to install new drivers, and maybe offer alternative ATI radeion 9800 fdrivers

edit, im also scared that i may have fried my card, is there any way of checking this

hopefully this should fix my prob..

regards, method / scott :mad:


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dont know much about pc's but should there be so many "svhost" running and there is also 2 process called "ati" something..

i also have a spare ati radeon 9200 se, i could possibly put that in instead and see if that works, if so can someone explain the processes of putting in a new gfx card, like i know how to put it in the slot just anything else..

edit, my pc also seems to be making weird noises, something which should be spinning smoothly seems somewhat stuck :confused: just not right if you know what i mean. not sure what it is puke:


method " feelin =( "


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It sounds like the video card may be overheating. Take the side off the computer and make sure the video card fan is working. The fan may be failing or not working. A bad fad and make noises like rattling, clicking, scraping, buzzing.
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