Ati X1700 =/

By Billy213
Aug 24, 2007
  1. Bit of a story you should know first before i get to where i am now XD

    I spilt drink over my computer which dripped through the top usb ports and down onto my X1650 pro card frying it. I returned it and they said it was "faulty" so they sent me a replacement. As soon as i got it out of the box i noticed an entirely different heat sink/ fan (blue with showing copper instead of white). It still said X1650 pro on the card and box so i just assumed they'd updated the looks since i got it. However when running pcwizard 07 i noticed it recognized the card as an X1700 =/

    The ATI site recognizes the X1700 as a mobility gpu which got me really confused. I can't find out any official info on my card at all other than rumours about an RV535 which is meant to give off less heat and "It's supposed to be 256bit memory, and it's supposed to have more full pipelines".

    Does anyone have more info on what the difference between the X1650 pro and a X1700 are =/ I have noticed a great deal of improvements when playing R6: Vegas. When i'm in heavy smoke/ gunfire i no longer get a FPS drop and also the physics are improved completly. Before bodies from explosions would fly through the air very slowly. Now they fly away as they should.

    Thanks =)
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