Ati X700 Installation Problems

By 123KEV
Jun 5, 2006
  1. hi everyone,
    i've got an ATI X700 256Mb Radeon graphics card (AGP). i bought this card so i can run my iiyama e381s monitor and send a tv signal via s-video to my widescreen sony trinitron.
    however, when i install the card, i get no options to configure my card to pipe a signal to a tv. it won't even allow a second monitor. i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and it's the same. one thing i noticed is that inthe online help pdf on the ATI cd, i followed the installation instructions to the letter and what options i get given on the screen do not match that on the pdf. ie if i right click on the desktop, properties, settings, advanced, i am told i should have a 'monitors' tab, yet i do not. the Catalyst Centre i am shown on the screen is different to the one in the pdf. i've got all the latest drivers off the ATI site too.

    any ideas? i want to get this up and running for the world cup! :eek:)


    P4 2.4, Asus P4Pe, 1Gb Ram, 550W power supply, 20Gb Seagate HD, Nebula TV Card.
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