ATX Square 4 pin 12v connector

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I'm having a bit of trouble with a new motherboard install. It's an ASrock 4core dual 775 board. My ageing supermicro case/PSU does not seem to have the required 4 pin square 12v connector, so the board won't even power up!

My question is this connector:

Are the yellow wires both +12v and the black both ground? I am just about to bodge up a connector using one of the molex inline 4 pins I have spare...



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You need a power supply that has that four pin connector. It only fits one way... and you need a motherboard that handles it. It would be unwise to craft your own... when a decent power supply can be had for $40 to $60.


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Or you could use this adapter: Click here.

As long as your PSU has enough power to spare. You don't have to buy it from the site I linked to, of course. They are commonly available.
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