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Hello, everybody. Sorry if this is the wrong category.

I've got a relatively new HP Envy 4-1035TX Ultrabook Laptop and I've had this problem lately: while playing a YouTube video or a song from my iTunes library, it keeps slurring and crackling. The problem is very sporadic: sometimes it will not slur at all, but other times it will once every 10 seconds. Playing a video in BS Player works perfectly fine, though.

Thanks in advance.


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What version of Windows are you running? Is Windows fully updated using Windows Update until there are no more updates are found?
Hey guys it's still me. The problem's getting worse and worse. Tried reinstalling the driver for video card and things were fine for about 2 hours. Then the slur was back again. Then updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Still no results.

Anything would be helpful, this thing's driving me nuts.

I should add that the Windows Updates are not a problem anymore ever since I installed 8.1 - they get updated automatically, without any errors.
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I was watching the performance section in Task Manager and noticed that each time the slur occurs, the percentage of Disk 0 (C: D: ) rises to almost 100%. Right after the slur, it lowers again. Here's a print screen with it going up to 91% while a song was