Auto Media Player & Telephone Dialler

By vegora
Jan 18, 2006
  1. Hi Friends !

    I am looking for two things -

    ONE - I want my media player i.e. any mp3 or rm player to automatically start playing when I start my computer. Precisely I want it to work like this: I get up in the morning, switch on the computer (without opening my eyes, of course :slurp: ), sit on the Sofa, then switch on the speakers placed beside the Sofa (still eyes closed, of course :) and listen to my favourite music for sometime before I get to my routine. Sounds great ! Can anyone help me ?
    Thanks in advace.

    TWO - I want to use my computer like an ordinary telephone instrument and make all type of phone calls using my headphones and mic. Please note that I am not talking about net telephony. I have only a Modem in my computer but no internet :). Can anyone please help. Thanks again in advance.

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