Autochk not found

By subdood
May 8, 2007
  1. First off, Im apparently a *****. I wanted to try linux. Began to load a live CD version and have now messed up my XP install. When I boot XP I get a loop of "autochk not found - skipping autocheck" and a reboot. I believe I messed up the partions somehow as I was trying to load the linux.

    I have a borrowed copy of windows XP professional. I can get into the repair function on this disk. I look at things like fixmbr and such and Im tempted to try it but I thought I'd ask the pros first. There appears to be data still on C:. I have looked at articles discussing the partition as being hidden etc but that wants me to use various utilities to unhide it. Problem there is I cant get into XP to use the utilities.

    I tried to copy the autochk.exe file off the disk and into c:\windows\system 32 - this was successful but the result was the same.

    It appears to me that the XP login doesnt know where to look for the file. Any help on how to unhide the partition or how to redirect where it looks is greatly appreciated.

    I've learned my lesson, now hopefully I can (with your help) minimize its cost!

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