Automatic windows online update ran really slow -- any idea why?

By chunkstyle
Jan 29, 2005
  1. hey

    i've been having this little balloon come up regualrly lately telling me updates are available for windows, and have ignored it. today, while online, i clicked on the balloon to let it go ahead & my internet connection ran REALLY slow
    for a while -- web pages loaded extremely slow, and the win update was progressing very slowly also. yet, late in the download, after i'd left the computer alone for 15-20 min and the update counter was at 82%, pages were loading normally. the update stuck at that percentage for a while, and i was worrying that maybe it had a problem, and then that little icon in the system tray with the globe & the windows logo was gone, like it had finished.

    any idea why this was so slow & erratic?

    just trying to understand my pc better.

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