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By appleybridger
Nov 26, 2010
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  1. I recently had a redirect problem which was successfully cured by the help of this site (for which I'm very grateful).I am in the process of reinstalling some software but have run into a problem.

    I am trying to instal Money 2002(I know its old but I like it) from a genuine microsoft cd.When I put the cd in the drive it does not start automatically.If I try to instal using the setup.exe file on the cd I get the error message "THE AUTORUN.INF file is missing or corrupt". There is an autorun.inf file on the cd.

    Anyone any ideas as to what the problem is.Thanks
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  3. appleybridger

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    Thanks for the quick reply.Done what you suggested.However cd still does not start and I get same error message when I try to run setup.exe.

    Some extra info.

    Normally when a software cd is put in the drive an icon with the software name appears with the drive letter. This isn't happening with Money2002 so I tried other cd's.The software name icon is not appearing with any cd.
    This makes me suspect the laptop (Registry?) is at fault as all the cd's work ok on my desktop

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