Back up hard drive to hard drive


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Hi, I ould like to back up my external hard drive to another external hard drive. Whats the best way? I tried back up in Windows 7 but it didn't seem to work. Thank you


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If they're both hooked up to same pc, copy/paste I think is best way. Everybody has their preferred way thou , good luck.


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Copy/Paste a whole HD will not work -- just too much at one time. Additionally, if it's interrupted for any reason, you'll never figure out where to resume.

Do you really want a second identical image of the existing HD -- boot info, os files and drivers? Get a backup tool.

If you only need a copy of your user(s) files, you can use HD COPY folder by folder -- let me know.
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Personally, I use

Backup device (BD) is device on personal LAN.

User#1 specific folders are one-way sync'd from my Win/7 Pro pc to the BD​
User#2 on the PC is used to one-way sync folders on a Mac to the BD​

After the first full sync, backup copy only changed/new files so it's quick.