Background change, possible spyware

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Jul 5, 2009
  1. Hey, I happened upon this site, and it seems like the safest place to get help cleaning my computer. Earlier today my web browser started freaking out then my BG changed and i got the "Your computer might be infected" message. I ended a user process and the symptoms went away, but i fear that there might be some deeper viruses.
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    As a starting point since the Malware team are always rather busy. I'd suggest running through the 8 steps and see what it finds. Then attach your logs to your next post and a helper will be able to instruct you further :)
  3. Sedyen

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    need help asap

    problem has gotten much worse. PC shutdown, now i can't run any programs in normal mode, and all i have is a hjt log, during the time of the log, the virus was on the computer but was not that bad. i will attach my hjt file to this message
  4. Sedyen

    Sedyen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more help

    i found this in my malware bytes logs, it's recent. I hope this helps
  5. Sedyen

    Sedyen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more info

    sorry about the delay, but here is another scan from the 3rd recommended anti-virus
  6. Daevaindra

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    I am having the same problem

    Except that I can't run any programs. I can't even reset the background, let alone run any of my malware removal software. What can I do to solve this problem if I cannot run anything?

    ***Update: I am able to run the virus removal software from the guest account on my PC.
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