Bad FAT on Hard Drive

By Robert Tharley
Mar 7, 2006
  1. Hey guys,

    I found you guys through google and it looks like you folks really know what you are talking about, so I thought I would post here and I am really hoping you can help me.

    My comp just sorta froze the other day, stopped responding, and I restarted it. As soon as my comp tried to boot from the hard drive, I got the error "Disk Error: Press Any Key to Restart" and upon hitting any key it just kept going in the boot sequence, trying all my other bootable devices.

    So I installed windows on another hard drive, set the bad one to slave, and tried to access the data. I can see all the files and the sizes are right, but windows won't let me open them.

    From DOS I can navigate my broken hard drive just fine, and I can open files that will work in DOS just fine, which tells me my data is OK(whew) but that windows just won't let me use it because of the invalid boot sector or corrupt file allocation table(FAT hehe).

    What I'm wondering is how can I repair the FAT32 status of my broken hard drive?

    I've done alot of googling on this with no success, maybe someone here has come across this issue in the past? My guess is that a virus or some malicious program screwed up the file allocation table or something else.

    When I try to run XP install from that drive from DOS, it tells me that my file allocation table is bad and everything else seems to point to that aswell, so I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the issue...

    The hard drive is a Seagate 200GB drive.

    Thanks in advance guys,

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