bad processor problem?

By namja ยท 14 replies
Dec 29, 2006
  1. After many hours of process of elimination i have concluded that i have a bad processor and i was wondering if a bad processor can prevent me from updating my motherboard? i had first thought my mobo was bad but when i swapped it out i had a steady red led light and no monitor signal but everything else was working. but before all that i have tried to update my mobo with msi live update and selected the correct updates but right at installation it said i had a different mobo? well thanks to anyone that read through this and appreciate any input.
  2. Rik

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    A new processor seems to be the only thing that will tell you one way of the other!!
  3. Nodsu

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    A bad processor means no picture/activity, "processor error" beeps or system freeze. A bad CPU will not cause single-program failures or program glitches.

    Describe your process or elimination :)
  4. namja

    namja TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i first ran mem test because my computer would randomly restart and i did not feel it was performing well.

    p4 2.8ghz HT
    ati x1600pro
    2 512mb kingston
    MSI pt880 mb

    memtest had showed both memory sticks were bad which said that probably my MB was faulty so i had ordered a new one.
    i had noticed my hsf was very dusty and there was some kind of black grease between processor and hs so i wiped it off.
    i continued to put my cpu together on my new MB and from there it would not boot anything on the screen, the red power led light stays on red, video card, hsf, MB light is all on but i do not get any signal from my monitor.
    i tried different video card and even went back to the old MB to receive the same results >.<
    i hope that cleared some stuff up please reply with your input on this matter thanks for your time
  5. Nodsu

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    Did you put your old RAM into your new motherboard? I would try with new RAM first and only then a new CPU.

    It is very rare for processors to die unless you have a major frying event (e.g. the PSU burns down everything). It is the RAM/motherboards that usually go bad..
  6. namja

    namja TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i am using my old ram but can that really make my computer not boot?
  7. N3051M

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    Old ram sticks might not be compatible with the new motherboard. Memtest has shown that according on your description above.

    If there is a hardware fault serious enough that won't let you past POST, then your PC will just stop there, so to save any components from getting damaged. You should be getting some sort of error code or beep code (or lack of) to confirm this.

    did i read this correctly?
    were you by any chance reffering to the thermal grease that keeps your CPU from having a meltdown?
  8. namja

    namja TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my memory sticks worked fine with my old mobo i don't know why everything stopped working on the old and new mobo after i swapped them.

  9. Tedster

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    if you suspect bad ram:

    If you have a bad CPU - it can cause a variety of issues, but usually the errors are universal and not restricted to a particular program. In addition POSTing errors, BSODs, and BIOS beeps are common with a bad CPU.
  10. Tmagic650

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    I have only seen bad CPU's from failed thermal paste or a failed CPU fan. These thermal failures were so bad that they burned almost completely through the motherboard. Many of you have seen the discolored cracked ceramics on some of these failed CPU's haven't you? To me, a failed CPU means no boot. Bad bios can cause this too
  11. N3051M

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    better safe than sorry, go get yourself some new thermal grease and apply it on your CPU, using a small layer (~1mm) and spread evenly with a card so its just enough to cover the chip. Monitor its temps using BIOS if you can get to that stage..
  12. namja

    namja TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for ya'lls replies, IF that black greasy stuff was the thermal paste, can that really affect the computer from starting up? i guess it would make sense because at least my computer booted on my old mobo but after i cleaned up my hs, hsf, and processor it stopped working on both my old and new mobo.
  13. Rik

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    I personally have never heard of thermal grease being black.

    So the answer is a definite yes!!

    If you have run any system without thermal grease then the mobo and possibly the cpu may well be beyond repair!!
  14. namja

    namja TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i finally got some artic cooler and processor in and tried it out, i still get the red LED light but after couple seconds it will go away and POST and start to boot up BUT will not load windows!!! grrrr i am about to try out the old cpu and new cpu out in the new mobo also maybe i had mobo/cpu combo failure? =(

    unbelievable both my mobo and cpu was bad =( glad i didn't rma the new mobo

    can anyone tell me what the red LED light means?
  15. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Not sure. Look in the support manual for your motherboard or on the manufacturer's website.
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