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May 14, 2010
  1. I dont know how i got bad sectors, but when i try to copy something i get some error. I searched on the internet, and they said that hard drive might have bad sectors. As i know, theres no help for bad sectors. I just want to ask can i lose my files because of it? (like music, programs, games...)
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    Yep, best to get stuff backed up now. You could try a program called HD Regenerator. It can actually fix most bad sectors and keep your data intact. But if you continually get bad sectors your hard drive is failing and will need to be replaced.
  3. g4mer

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    I cant get into system. system32 has been deleted somehow. Probably because of those bad sectors. I backed up everything to another pc ( my laptop ). but i cant isntall any os because of these bad sectors. i tried to isntall windows 7 and it tells me i that my hd is damaged. also tried to install linux, same thing.
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    Time to replace that hard drive. Fortunately, you were able to back up your files. Is your hard drive still under warranty? If so, go to the Western Digital website to start the RMA process. If not, a new one is not too expensive. You might consider getting a larger hard drive as a replacement but that's up to you.
  5. g4mer

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    Im not sure about warranty. This HDD is 5 years old now. Im probably going to buy a new one, a bigger one. Im probably going to buy 250gb hard drive. I dont need much space since i cant fill up this 80GB hard drive.
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