Ballpark figure for 100TB NAS?

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Sep 21, 2012
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  1. Hey guys, I've been asked to get a "ballpark" figure for my company as to a network attached storage system in the 100 Terabyte range. They always call me their "tech support" but I've never handled something as massive as this. I've looked at some Dell and Cisco systems but I'm really confused as to how this "blade" system works.

    I'm used to plugging in an external harddrive and it pops up in my windows explorer. Is this what I can expect from a system of this size?

    I'm expecting prices around $20-$30k is this accurate?

    Also is this something a "mildly" computer competent person could put together? Or would this require the skills of a real IT guru?
  2. alexe3831

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    For a NAS system in the 100 TB range it depends on how you are planning on dividing it up. Like if you are wanting like different portions for different departments, a RAID type system would probably work just as well, as each RAID drive could be for a different department. However if your wanting a 100TB NAS in one system, setting it up is actually quite simple. (RAID systems can be difficult) It is similar to plugging in an external HDD, but instead of plugging it in with a physical cord, it is more of a virtual cable you use, but it would still show up in windows explorer, once its setup. Once its plugged in and setup on the work network all you would have to do is remotely connect to it and set up the various folders, etc. that your company needs. Once that's setup, its easy to connect to. And yes, a ''mildly'' computer competent person could manage it easily.

    As for price, it depends greatly on who you buy the system from, and what discounts (if any) you get due to it being a corporate purchase.

    If you find out what type of system your company is purchasing, id be glad to walk you through setting it up.

  3. jobeard

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    well, a BLADE system is a rack mounted system, frequently with CPUs +/- Applications +/- HD
    an example is here:

    [​IMG]and individual 'blades' like:
    no, it's more like a NAS on your LAN
    depends upon specific vender / make / features
    ?unknown - - in 37 yrs, personally I've never done it either, but if you can install
    a NAS, config and get the permissions right - - I would think so.

    See this page for links to Configuration and User support on Dell Blades
  4. alexe3831

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    I have done it before, on a home system, I was linking my computer here, to a NAS server over in houston. Same principal applies though, so it should be mainly the same.

  5. bobmekensi

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    Lol how often is it going to be used and what kind of bandwidth?
    I once had a 30 tb nas setup at my home using a load of external 1tb hard drives and 30 raspberry pi all linked up to a cisco switch I could get speeds of about 500mbs

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