Basic Security Outline



Basic Security Outline

PC configuration:

[1] Set the Administration password
not the same as your limited access account

Get off the MS Account and use a LOCAL ADMIN ACCOUNT

[2] Use a login that has Limited Priviledges
create a Local limited account (using your name)
set a unique password

*** Win/8, 8.1 &10 enforce items 1+2. Win/xp & win/7 you'll need to set this up for yourself

[3] Disable Remote Management

[4] Run with an active firewall
set the network type to public (unless you need print/file sharing)

Network configuration (aka the router setup)

[5] Be sure to get the latest firmware for your router and check for updates monthly!

[6] Change the router's Admin password -- the defaults are documented and known around the world!!

[7] Disable Remote management and port 8080

[8] Save the configuration and reboot

[9] Create a network ID (aka SSID) you like, but that does not identify YOU!
create a WPA2 passphrase
(at lease One UC and LC character, a number and a special charcater #$*+-)
EIGHT characters long or more

[10] save and reboot again


[4] If you need print/file sharing, then set the Network Type to PRIVATE

If your system is portable and you want access from a hotspot,
set the network type BACK TO PUBLIC before you connect


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Hello @jobeard in regards to the security aspect of computing nowadays. How would you rate password managers over the browser password managers in terms of security?

I'm not so keen on having a single point of failure with all my passwords. Even though you can secure it alot. What if there is a Zero day attack and everything personal is stolen? What would be the best procedure in handling passwords on the internet and local?


What would be the best procedure in handling passwords on the internet and local?
I'm flat paranoid on ANYTHING that stores userid/password pairs. I'm not a young rooster any longer but I can generate my own passwords w/o recording them or writing them down -- I just use patterns that make sense to me.
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Can you disable push notifications by app and category on iOS? Ever since Android introduced that my phone experience got much better. Some apps only have one category, but many now have a separate promotions category allowing you to turn off or mute just that category