battlefield 1942 - display dilema

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Feb 18, 2004
  1. I have had this issue since the first install of BF1942 when it came out. I have tried updating to latest full updates and it happens even after installing Road to Rome, Desert Combat and latest ATI Catalyst 03.8 - as well as doing my regular Windows Updates for XP. System is a Athlon 1800, 1gb RAM, Gigabyte Radeon 9600 PRo 128Mb and I have no similar issues with other games.
    Issue is this - once the game is ran and a battle started (happens in both Singleplay and Multiplay) - if in battle I hit ESC key to say, go back to the menu and change a control key or whatever, the display becomes corrupt. This means - there is no mouse pointer visable, icons and parts of the screen are black or missing, and then if I hit ESC key again to go back to the game - it is impossible to make out anything or continue play. The only way to go ahead is to CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill the app then start from scratch. Nobody I know has this issue - Im the first to see it and I've searched a few tech forums already with no results. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone shed somelight - Ive contacted EA but perhaps (begs!) someone has seen this. Such a great game!!
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    yes this is a great game. have u tried updating to the new 1.6 patch? does this happen to u in another game? if you hit the esc key and NOT change anything, does the display become corrupt? and if this problem happens with other games, maybe u should try to uninstall the driver completly and then install it again from scratch.
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    Agreed.....use a driver cleaner to get rid of all traces before you re-install your drivers. I'm using the 4.2 Cats with no prob in BF42 at all. BTW, you don't have this vid card modded or overclocked at all, do you?
  4. neongenesis

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    Thanks for the reponse guys - to answer the q's: RAVENJY - Have already updated to latest 1.6, the prob happens regardless of what game/map or single/multi I play & happens whether i make a change to the controls or not. MASQUE - im getting the latest cat now to try - also - the mobo/cpu/ram/vid card are not tweaked or modded/overclocked in any way - all factory. This is driving me stupid - I am sure im the only person in the world with this issue and may just have ta live wid it (*sobs) - see what EA say but im not holding my breath! Cheers again.
  5. neongenesis

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    sry i made something unclear - All my other games (UT2003, Vietcong, etc) work percectly. What i meant is that this problem happens with all BATTLEFIELD game mods and maps, not with all my other games. So it's definately a BF issue only.
  6. ravenjy

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    im not too sure if this will help or not but this is wat i have my video settings on.

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