BBC Web Site in Embarrassing URL Blunder

By Phantasm66
Feb 6, 2003
  1. Well this made me smile this morning.

    "There are red faces at the BBC today after it wrongly credited pictures on its Web site to a porn site instead of a picture agency. The blunder happened on a page aimed at teenagers which quoted some sloppy celebs getting in the mood for Valentine's Day. The pictures of Mr and Mrs Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna and Guy Ritchie et al were accompanied with the words: "All of the above pictures are from""

    Of course, the web site that the BBC were in fact referring to was As it turns out... Heheh.... "" is a pornographic web site containing pictures of "gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes! Medium to plump, and large to extra large!"

    Not exactly a sackable offense, but enough to get someone told off, I am sure. Naturally, the mistake was quickly rectified within minutes of the BBC being notified.
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    That is funny, I have run across that problem every once in a while while trying to get to hotmail....I type and it goes to some porn site. Hasn't happened in a while though as i have gotten good with the keyboard..........

    Take that as what you wish, I am not going to change it.
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