Benefits of dual core cpus?

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May 19, 2006
  1. Heya, sorry for these noobish (maybe) questions.

    But what exactly are the benefits of running dual core cpus instead of single core cpus?

    Are there any Cons to running Dual Cores vs Single Cores?

    And what kind of applications would they be used in, to utilize their full potential?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. zephead

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  3. KingCody

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    dual-core processors are the present... multi-core (i.e. quad-core and above) processors are the future ;) ;) ;)

    Both AMD and Intel will be coming out with quad-core CPUs sooner than you think
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    But the thing is, not many apps & games out there can take advantage of dual-core CPUs. In some aspects, single-core CPUs are much well suited. This is also mentioned in the articles psoted by zephead. So if I were to upgrade to a new PC, I'd wait for dual-core CPUs to become dominant enough.
  5. iss

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    Dual Core CPU's biggest advantage is for people that like to multi task.
  6. KingCody

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    we all multi-task whether we realize it or not.

    in an untweakd system, windowsXP will have over 40 processes running at once!, if you tweak it you can get it below 20, but that is still 20 processes running on top of whatever programs you are running as well.

    as far as individual programs are concerned... current software titles are being written to take advantage of it.
  7. VcBoy87

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    Thanks for the replies!

    It's gonna take me awhile to read the links but I will finish them (I bookmarked them), hahaha.
  8. mod-newbie

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    how do you "tweak" windows to run less than 20 processes?

    i thought that all those processes were essential for the OS to operate smoothly?
  9. bradthegreat

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    may be a stupid question, but will single/dual/quad core CPUs run on the same motherboard slot? Say I get a dual core processor and replace my single core one - will I be able to do that or do I need a different mobo?
  10. KingCody

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    that depends...

    1. On AMD systems anything socket-754 or lower can only run single core CPUs. socket-939/940 can run both single and dual core. the soon to be released socket-AM2 will be able to run single, dual, and multi

    2. on Intel systems socket-478 can run only single, socket-775 can run single, dual, and theoretically mutil as well

    with any system, what CPU you can run on it will depend on the mobo, the BIOS, and the chipset. also the CPU pins must always match the mobo CPU socket
  11. KingCody

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    some are, most are not. most processes are set to start up with the computer and are either not needed at all, or will start up when you click the program if needed (and do not have to start with the computer)

    there are different ways...

    1. easiest way is to click start, run, type msconfig, then click the startup tab and click "deselect all" then click ok. the only thing you may want to leave checked is an antivirus or firewall program.

    2. a better way is to right click "my computer" and select "manage", expand "services and applications", click "services". then maximize the window, go9 through everything that is set to "automatic" in the startup type column. if you dont know what it is or you think you might need it, then leave it alone. if you know its something that you dont need to startup automatically, then stop it and choose "manual". if you know its something that you wont need ever or its a security threat like "messenger service" then stop it and select "disabled".

    on my system i normally have 19 processes running. on single core cpus you will notice a significant performance boost by tweaking your system

    good luck :)
  12. Didou

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    Socket 478 can only run single core CPUs with without HyperThreading.
  13. KingCody

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    oops.. thanks for noticing my mistake

    i got lazy and did some cut/paste and forgot to remove the "and dual".. hehe

    post has been edited.
  14. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Hmm, dualcore Extreme Editions have hyperthreading as well, so they have 2+2 CPUs visible in operating systems, but otherwise Intel uses socket 604 for Xeons.
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