BeOS and Networking?

Jul 5, 2002
  1. How does BeOS react to networking? Can it access a network of WinXP machines? What kind of network cards can it use?
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    Looks like I'm the only one answering BeOS questions.. :rolleyes:
    BeOS uses TCP/IP protocol. The easiest way to mount networked Win-drives (IMHO) is to use cifsmount command from Terminal:
    Usage for cifsmount
    cifsmount //server/share mountpoint <password> <username> [options]
            -I Server_IP_Address Specify the ip address of the server
            you're contacting, handy if you dont have a DNS server.
            If not specified, the server will be looked up via DNS.
            -W Clients_Workgroup Specify which workgroup you're in.
            If not specified, obtained from your network settings file
            (usually /boot/home/config/settings/network).
            -d Dump out info before attempting to mount the server
    There's also a GUI for it, but I haven't tested it:

    Most 3Com's cards and NE2000, RTL8139, DEC21142/43 chipset-based work. Old ISA cards may require setting IRQ & port manually, PCI cards should work straight out of the box.
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    I'm the only one asking BE questions, and you are the only one answering
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