Best buy advertised pre-order Geforce4 at wrong price!

By Arris
Feb 11, 2002
  1. The inquirer has an article about this slight pricing error by the US chain "Best Buy". Really their people can't have their fingers on the computer market pulse when they set the price for GF4s at $129 US dollars :giggle:

    Was anyone lucky enough to reserve one at this price?
    Should be interesting if Best buy honour the price or not.

    Supposedly according to the article they are sending out the following correspondence to customers:
    I know that here in the UK if you see something on a shelve in a shop at the wrong price then the shop is legally bound(I am not sure to what degree) to sell that item to you at the advertised price. Not so sure about the US laws or even if the UK ones apply to online purchases...?

  2. Christinepa

    Christinepa TS Rookie

    Wrong Price buying

    My son bought 30 TVs at the weekend worth £499 each for .49p each, yes 49p, the company have acknowledged his order and have taken his money £29.96 including delivery (over the net and via his credit card).

    They do say that errors can occur online and that if there is an error they will contact the buyer ASAP and let them know.

    Today is Wednesday, they still have his money, he has not heard from them and they have not cancelled the order. Is this order good or not, once they have taken your money and acknowledged the order surely if they have not cancelled it after 5 days it must be an accepted order.

    Does anyone know anything about something like this?
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