Best Buy rolls out CinemaNow disc-to-digital program to use at home

Shawn Knight

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Best Buy is now testing a program called CinemaNow that will convert your DVDs into digital movies from the comfort of your own home. The newly accessible videos are then added to your UltraViolet digital collection and stored online for...

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Couldn't you simply take the DVD or Blu-Ray disc, put it into a player, the push the "PLAY" button. That way, you wouldn't need internet service, Best Buy, Ultra-Violet, or even a computer.

This s*** is emblematic of the complete failure of the public school system.

Don't worry though, the treasury department is scheduled to print some more money, since fools are so easily parted with it.

Just think, on the outside chance you have any money left over, you'll be able to pay Facebook to send spam emails to people you don't know.

The whole issue brings a whole new dimension of derisiveness to the term, "disposable income".

You'd probably get a better ROI if you put a "mug me" sign on your back, and walked into the subway.