Best cell phone camera


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Which cell phone has these qualities in order of preference:

Good camera
low price
good frames per second when looking at apps or internet
memory storage and/or ability to add memory


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All cellphones have mediocre cameras (from a photographers point of view). Mega Pixels is NOT the sole measure of a photo's quality. The phone cameras are ok in a pinch and when you find something unexpected.

For good pics which are worth mounting on your wall, you need the PAS features
  • Program {user programmed combinations}
  • Appature: {f2.8, ... F5.6}
  • Shutter speed {manual, ... 1/1000}
  • ISO setting {28, .... 1000}

With these controls, you can get some stunning, high quality pictures.

When traveling, I carry move adjustable snapshot on by belt everywhere I go


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^ That is true, we tend to be wowed by megapixels but there's a lot more to consider.

In my past experience Sony phones have good cameras compared to some of their competition.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is Samsung's biggest and most powerful phone yet and it's technically neither the fastest nor the best camera phone,and
Very wide ultra wide angle Versatile triple camera Great video performance The best screen on a smartphone
The best selfie camera around.