Best cell phone camera


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Which cell phone has these qualities in order of preference:

Good camera
low price
good frames per second when looking at apps or internet
memory storage and/or ability to add memory


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All cellphones have mediocre cameras (from a photographers point of view). Mega Pixels is NOT the sole measure of a photo's quality. The phone cameras are ok in a pinch and when you find something unexpected.

For good pics which are worth mounting on your wall, you need the PAS features
  • Program {user programmed combinations}
  • Appature: {f2.8, ... F5.6}
  • Shutter speed {manual, ... 1/1000}
  • ISO setting {28, .... 1000}

With these controls, you can get some stunning, high quality pictures.

When traveling, I carry move adjustable snapshot on by belt everywhere I go


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^ That is true, we tend to be wowed by megapixels but there's a lot more to consider.

In my past experience Sony phones have good cameras compared to some of their competition.
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