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Sep 9, 2007
  1. I need to know who offers the absolute best free antivirus. I am using advanced windows v2 personal edition which does not have antivirus. I have in the past used * Bitdefender ( a resource hog), nod 32, hijackthis, Kapersky, Spybot search and destroy(all were just to difficult to use). HELP, I need something easy and one that will scan for all or most known viruses. Most only scan for a select few viruses.
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    The best AV programs are never free IMO. You get what you pay for. NOD32 is a bit difficult to use, but the best by far. As far as a free AV goes, Avast! is better than AVG.
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    thank you Rage, I appreciate the response so quickly
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    It has to be said the Rage`s opinion about AVs is not in the majority at any
    technical forum,I know of. :)

    With a bit of fairly common sense and AVG free,you won`t be any more at risk
    in real life situations than using a paid for AV.

    Companies tend to prefer paid for AVs, because companies only understand
    the 'you get what you pay for mentality'.

    They forget that some programmers just enjoy writing good programs,and seeing
    lots of people use them.
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    Hi, I have used Avast free for the last 4 years, would never change and they have a fantastic help forum........ well worth a look !!!!! :)
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