Best gaming Laptop i can get for 2500-3000

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Jan 8, 2007
  1. Just as topic says. I have my own custom built comp at home but I need something portable so if anyone knows where i can get the best bang for my back I would love to hear it. I have about 2500 to 3000 to spend. Thanks for any ideas.

    Edit:I'm not worried about the size I just want the most powerful notebook i can get.

    I noticed a couple threads on gaming laptops and found myself running into this notebook. I'm curious to know though... it allows me to upgrade the video card from geforce to quadro or something for about 270 i think... is that worth it? or should i just upgrade the ram to 2g and the hdd to 160g?...
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    Good Gaming laptops

    I did some research on some good laptops and heres some of them.

    ^Im not to much of a fan of Acer but this seems to have good specs. 20.1in screen, 240 gb hard drive, 2gb of ddr2 667 ram, 2.16 ghz core duo, and a GeForce 7600. Plus its Vista capable. But the battery life isnt to good only 1.5 hours of full charge.

    ^This is a Sony VAIO. It has a 17in screen, 160 gb hard drive, 2.0 ghz core duo, 2gb ddr2 533 ram, GeForce 7600, free vista upgrade, and it comes with a Blu-ray Disc / Super Multi drive. Up to 3 hours of battery life on full charge.

    ^ This is an Asus Lamborghini(Asus is my favorite brand) It has a 15in screen, 160gb hard drive, 2.0 ghz core duo, 2gb ddr2 677 ram, GeForce 7400 with 512 of turbo cache, Vista upgradeable

    ^ If your looking for alot of hard drive space heres another VAIO but with 320 gb of space and with a 2.33 ghz core duo

    ^Heres another Acer. Its i model just like Asus Lamborghini but this one is an Acer Ferrari. 15.4in screen, 160gb hard drive, AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 at 2.0 ghz, 2gb ddr2 667, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, Comes in a couple different colors. Info found at>

    ^Finally VooDoo laptops. These are all customizable so you can decide want to want and for the price. They sell the fastest laptop on the market. VooDoo sell the most extreme computers you can buy and there laptops are insaine and you can get them custom painted with graphics and other things.

    Hope this helped...
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    wow i thought this thread just died but thnks a lot you sure went through some trouble... i appreciate it some good deals i'll definetly consider
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  5. Fayt

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    Thnx but i'm searching for the best laptop i can get for 3000 with the exception of the biggest screen anyways i'm saving up my last few bucks for the sager notebook i found. So if anyone finds any better deals i would love to hear them. Thanks for the replies.
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    dell xps..or a custom build from
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